Bargain Days!

We are currently working on an update of the App, set to sail in november.  The current version of Beatsurfing will be available in the iTunes Store for 99¢ for two days. That's more than 90% rebate, and more than a month to get familiar with MIDI building until the next version comes out.  Of course the november update will be as free for you as for every Beatsurfing owner.

Party's over, get Beatsurfing now for the retail price (11,99$ / 9,99€):


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Beatsurfing can be used for complex controller building down to very simple in-App Instrument control surface.


Check Herrmutt Lobby playing with 2 sync'd iPads.  They use Ableton, Max4Live Patches, and retroaction between the two Beatsurfing Scenes.  Advanced stuff.


Learn how to build a simple yet powerful synth controller device, step by step and using only the iPad and CoreMIDI.  No computer, no MIDI card, nothing needed but an iPad, Beatsurfing and a slave app.