Brussels bike polo tournament

16 teams
FRI 20 Welcome pick-ups + party
SAT 21 Swiss Rounds + party
9-12H Group 1: 4 rounds (160 min)
12-15H Group 2: 4 rounds (160 min)
15-17H Bottom 8: 2/3 rounds (90/120 min)
17-19H Top 8: 2/3 rounds (90/120 min)
SUN 22 Double elimination and finals 9-17H

And, cherry on the cake for everybody who can/wants to come earlier, we have good hope to build the court one week before, meaning Polo, polo, polo in perfect conditions every evening all the week long!!

Registration details
Registration will open on Sunday, August 11th 2013, at 8PM CET, sharp (yes, 11 days away, and the tourney is 51 days away..).

It's not really "First come, first served", it's more about applying for it, for us to see the interest in this particular period of the year and then, we'll make a selection on the basis of some criteria:

- Priority to complete teams but the tourney is also open for duos or single players who are looking for a third/team, so we'll try to put in contact each other.

- We'll try our best to welcome in the capital of the EU all our friends from all over Europe and abroad who want to visit us and our beautiful city since ages!

- We want to permit all levels and a maximum of countries/cities to be represented, from the World and European champions Call Me Daddy to the tourney newbies from Luxemburg, or Aalst in Belgium (just as quick examples).

If interested and sure to come, please send on this date an email with all details to :

(ie Name of team, full name of players, contact details, t-shirt size, if accommodation needed or not, special needs, arrival and departure time, etc..)

You'll have to confirm your registration by payment of the fee of 15€ per player (45€ per team) before Sunday, August 18th, at 12PM, via paypal or bank transfer (Details will follow with confirmation email of your registration). If not confirmed/payed (or contacted before the deadline), the slot will be open again.

With the fee, you'll get a welcome bag, exclusive tourney T-shirt included, free breakfasts, reduction tickets for drinks (e.g. 1€ for a Belgian Beer) and food on the spot and for the parties.

For accommodation, we'll try our best to offer free housing at home for a maximum of people, but cannot guarantee it for everybody (probably 1/3). We're trying to organize a gym with accommodations near to the court and we'll give your more infos about cheap housing very soon.

For (cheap) travelling, Brussels is easy to access by car or by bus, but also by train (Thalys, Eurostar, TGV, ICE...), with the nearest station "Brussels - Gare du midi/zuid station" only 10 minutes by bicycle from the court (or 3 tram stations away, on the line 3 or 4, station "Horta"), or by plane, either in Brussels-National in Zaventem (BRU, with i.a. Brussels airlines or Easy jet) or in Brussels-Sud/South in Charleroi (CRL, with i.a. Ryan Air)!

More infos soon, so let's keep in touch, here or elsewhere!

We're now just waiting for the 11th of August and we want YOU!

2012 edition: