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The foreboding age of Kali approaches. A troubled dynasty hovers on the brink of destruction. Celestials, warriors, demons, and mystics struggle for control of the Earth. An epic story that has endured for millennia, Mahabharata reflects the passions and longings of the human spirit. “Fraenkel maneuvers through the story’s monumental terrain with ease. His powerful narrative captivates and sustains the reader.” Kevin Cordi, PhD, Professor, Ohio Dominican U. “A wonderful, rich narrative! . . . I see Andy Fraenkel’s long career of storytelling at work on every page.” Dr. Robert Rosenthal, Philosophy Chair, Hanover College“The Mahabharata, even though thousands of years old, offers us visceral and uncanny insights into our age.” Gail N. Herman, PhD, Storyteller, Professor, Educational Consultant “Both entertaining and erudite, Andy Fraenkel’s rendering of the ancient Sanskrit epic delivers a text that is readily accessible to the layperson and refreshingly insightful to the scholar. A delight to read – and ponder over.” Greg Emery, PhD, Director, Global Leadership Center, Ohio UniversityFor more information visit --- In November look for a special offer at this site.Andy Fraenkel, a recipient of a WV Artist Fellowship Award, offers sacred and multicultural storytelling programs and workshops in a variety of venues. For more info
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