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Book description
Congregations are made up of people with all sorts of theologies. Pastor Mike Slaughter even says that these can stand in the way of the church s mission of social and personal holiness. But most people do not adopt a theology on purpose, mostly they merely breathe in the prevailing cultural air. The theology de jour seems to be Calvinist, with its emphasis on the elect and other worldly salvation. In fact, there is so much Calvinism saturating the culture, that some do not even know there is an alternative way of thinking about their faith. They don t know where to go to find a viable option; they don t even know the key words to search Google. So people are left thinking like Calvinists but living with a desire to change the world, offering grace and hope to hurting people in mission and ministry loving the least, the last, and the lost. In other words, they are living like Wesleyans. This book shows what Calvinist and Wesleyans actually believe about human responsibility, salvation, the universality of God s grace, holy living through service, and the benefits of small group accountability--and how that connects to how people can live. Calvinists and Wesleyans are different, and by knowing the difference, people will not only see the other benefits of Wesleyan theology but will be inspired to learn more. By knowing who they are as faithful people of God, they will be motivated to reach out in mission with renewed vigor. And they won t be obstacles to grace and holiness, but they can be better disciples and advocates for Christ through service in this world.
Calvin vs. Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice by Don Thorsen online read ipad find wiki

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