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Real Time 3D Architectural Visualization

Lumion is a Breakthrough Real Time 3D Visualization Design & Presentation Tool.

It’s perfectly suited for creating videos, still renderings and live demonstrations with a quick turnaround. Lumion offers excellent graphics in combination with a fast and efficient workflow, saving you time, effort and money.


Choose between Lumion 3 and Lumion 3 PRO. You can see the exact specifications of each on the Lumion Comparison Chart... but, to make a long story short - With the Lumion 3 PRO you get it ALL!

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What's New?


Effortlessly create accurate reflecting surfaces. This feature is very useful for glossy floors, mirrors and many other reflecting surfaces. Accurate reflections can be enabled by defining planes in the scene. All surfaces in the defined plane will then automatically display accurate reflections.

Global Illumination

Make more realistic renderings than ever before with brand new global illumination lighting! This feature simulates light bouncing off surfaces. When light hits a surface, a part of the light bounces back and illuminates nearby surfaces. This sophisticated extension of the lighting algorithm is an easy way to enhance the level of realism in your visualizations. By enabling global illumination, images look warmer and more natural. And the additional subtle color tones enhance the overall look of images and movies.

Video Textures

In Lumion 3.0, you will be able to use MP4 files as video textures. This opens up a whole range of possibilities. For example animated advertisement signs, working TVs and projector screens for concerts.

Amazing SKIES!

Lumion already had one of the most sophisticated sky rendering systems in the industry. With Lumion 3.0, your visualizations will reach unprecedented levels of beauty and realism. Where other visualization software rely on simple background images of skies, Lumion lets you create your own fully customizable sky. You can define the lighting, density and shape of the clouds for example. And Lumion clouds move with the wind and react to sunlight as the environment changes. Another major new feature is the Volumetric Clouds effect. For the first time, you will now be able to fly through the clouds and the clouds even cast shadows on the world below.

Extended Model Library

Most noteworthy is the addition of many new high quality plant and tree models. The new models come in a variety of shapes and sizes and look more realistic and beautiful than ever before. And the new tree clusters will let you populate an area with dense forest in seconds. We have also created a whole range of new animated 3D people in a variety of everyday poses. For instance, people in swimsuits lounging in the sunshine, people who are reading a newspaper or using a laptop computer and so on. The rest of the library has also been overhauled. Both with upgrades of existing models as well as with brand new ships and boats, aircraft, garden furniture, buildings and many other models.

Editor Enhancements

There are countless improvements throughout Lumion 3.0. One major change is that you can now build your scene while all the movie effects are turned on. This is very useful if you want to place trees or edit materials with the exact same settings as in your movie. A new hotkey system also shows you all the hotkeys you can use in a given situation, so that you no longer have to search for advanced functions. For example if you move a model, it is now easy to see that you can press the G key to make the model snap to the terrain. Many complicated dialog windows have also been replaced by simplified versions which still offer the same functionality but in a more user friendly way.

Floating License System

Lumion 3.0 has a fully floating license system with automatic license activation and de-activation. Manual activation/de-activation is no longer needed and multiple seats are automatically managed with a single license key. This makes Lumion perfectly suited for environments with large license volumes.

Lumion 3.0 requires an internet connection to function

Animation Showcase

Recently the final entries for The Museum / Lumion Challenge where handed in and they truly showcase what one can achive with Lumion. These where made with Lumion Pro v2.5

Here are all the finalists in no particluar order. Winners are still pending ;)

SketchUP + Lumion

Getting your SketchUP model into Lumion and producing stills and animations is super fast and very easy. See how TORQUATOREGIS took my GH House model and transformed it into a pretty cool looking animation sequence in no time!