Go ahead and purchase the new Mighty Tiles PRO version. Visit the Mighty Insturments Website for more information as this page is pending updates ;)
Mighty Tiles Pro is the creation of Mighty Instruments. They provide software for professionals using Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Mighty Instruments raises the ease of computer-generated procedural textures to a complete new level. The focus of our customers is to create high quality graphics for architectural visualization, feature films, and graphics for computer games.

Thier first product Mighty Tiles Pro is the perfect instrument for creating amazing floors, walls and all kinds of parametric tectures in the best quality available on the market.

 image copyright : BBB3Viz (done with MightyTiles 1.0.2)

Mighty Tiles Pro is the number one software solution for the computer supported creation of procedural floor and wall textures. Mighty Tiles Pro, designed for professional users, generates high quality textures of brick walls, tiles, parquet, laminate, cobble stones and much more.
The software will be available as a plugin for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Finally, with the new technology of Mighty Tiles Pro, it is possible to create astonishing floor and wall textures easily adaptable to your needs. With Mighty Tiles Pro all your created textures can be made tileable on demand, handy for virtual environments like games. The scope of Mighty Tiles Pro is not limited to games only. If you need high quality textures for your next architectural visualization Mighty Tiles Pro is the right solution for you. Mighty Tiles Pro supports besides the diffuse map all necessary kinds of mappings, like reflection, specular, bump, and displacement, especially useful for film productions.

Supports 3dsmax with V-Ray & Mental Ray

See what MightTiles 1.0.2 could do in the images showcased here by Bertrand Benoit (BBB3Viz). All the information below is related to MightTiles 1.0.2 or older. It will be replaced with the new information related to MightyTiles PRO very soon.

Here is what Bertrand Benoit had to say about MightyTiles :
"MightyTiles is this rare plugin: a tool that lets you do things that would otherwise be impossible to do. It plays very well with Vray and hasn't let me down so far."
image copyright : BBB3Viz

MightyTiles How-to

Mosaic Material Creation by Peter Guthrie

image copyright : Peter Guthrie
Many of you asked for more insight on how-to use MightyTiles, the procedural texture tiling plugin for 3d Studio Max. Peter Guthrie has been using it for some time now, with great success and kindly explains the process of creating a relatively simple material but also one that would be much more difficult to do without using a plugin such as MightyTiles. This isn’t intended as a complete tutorial, but it does cover some of the harder to grasp aspects of MightyTiles. Enjoy!

Go to the how-to article - MightyTiles Mosaic How-To by Peter Guthrie

State of Art Academy to cover MightyTiles

I'm very happy to inform you that State of Art Academy will start to cover MightyTiles as part of their Arch Viz Master Classes ;)