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Book description
The privilege is given to me, as an elder, to pen a word of introduction to this little book, the first written by a younger Brother, young in body verily, but not in Soul. The teachings contained in it were given to him by his Master in preparing him for Initiation, and were written down by him from memory - slowly and laboriously, for his English last year was far less fluent than it is now. The greater part is a reproduction of the Masters own words; that which is not such a verbal reproduction is the Masters thought clothed in His pupils words. Two omitted sentences were supplied by the Master. In two other cases an omitted word has been added. Beyond this, it is entirely Alcyones own, his first gift to the world. May it help others as the spoken teachings helped him - such is the hope with which he gives it. But the teaching can only be fruitful if it is lived, as he has lived it, since it fell from the Masters lips. If the example be followed as well as the precept, then for the reader, as for the writer, shall the great Portal swing open, and his feet be set on the Path. Annie Besant.
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