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Book description
This generously illustrated book examines the most significant period in the work of Lawren Harris, who was central to defining a distinctive Canadian art in the 20th century. Sparse landscapes of Lake Superiors northern shores, boldvisions of the Rocky Mountains and haunting landscapes fromthe Eastern Arctic are hallmark themes of Lawren Harrisspaintings. He was a founding member of the renowned Group ofSeven artists group, who believed that the Canadian landscapewas central to the foundation of a national identity. Focusingon Harriss most important work of the 1920s through the early1930s, this monograph features a selection of major worksthat are as iconic in Canada as those of Georgia OKeeffe andEdward Hopper in the U.S. His remarkable use of color, light, andcomposition resulted in powerful scenes that reflect his progresstoward a universal vision of natures spiritual power. Drawnfrom the Art Gallery of Ontarios substantial holdings as wellas other public collections throughout Canada, this publicationrepositions Harriss work and establishes him as major figurewithin the wider context of 20th-century modern painting in theAmericas.
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