FB2 Where the Roots Reach for Water: A Personal and Natural History of Melancholia by Jeffery Smith read mobi on iphone

Book description
Winner of the PEN/Martha Albrand Award for the Art of the MemoirJeffery Smith was living in Missoula, Montana, working as a psychiatric case manager when his own clinical depression began. Eventually, all his prescribed antidepressant medications proved ineffective. Unlike so many personal accounts, Where the Roots Reach for Water tells the story of what happened to Smith after he decided to give them up. Trying to learn how to make a life with his illness, Smith sets out to get at the essence of--using the old term for depression--melancholia.Deftly woven into his personal history is a natural history of this ancient illness. Drawing on centuries of art, writing and medical treatises, Smith finds ancient links between melancholia and spirituality, love and sex, music and philosophy, gardening, and, importantly, our relationship with landscapes.
Where the Roots Reach for Water: A Personal and Natural History of Melancholia by Jeffery Smith read txt how download audio prewiew

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