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Selina Shirley Hastings (born 5 March 1945) is a British journalist who became an author and biographer.The elder daughter of Francis, 16th Earl of Huntingdon, by his second marriage, Hastings was educated at St. Hughs College, Oxford, where she took an MA degree.Hastings has written books including Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady (1985), Nancy Mitford (1986), The Singing Ringing Tree (1988), The Man Who Wanted to Live Forever (1988), The Firebird (1995), Evelyn Waugh (1995), Beibl Lliw Y Plant (1998), Rosamond Lehmann (2002) and The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham (2010). She is a past recipient of the Marsh Biography Award.Hastings was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature (FRSL) in 1994. Among others she and her sister, Lady Harriet Shackleton, are in remainder to several ancient English baronies, including those of Hastings and Botreaux.(from Wikipedia)
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