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Book description
Dog loves reading by Louise Yates, dog loves reading books before he goes to sleep, he prefers reading over sleep. One day he just couldn’t sleep and left off for an adventure with other creatures. Together they counted different parts of each animals body some animals include a spider, cloth and other fin creatures. Dog will show readers why he enjoys counting with his new friends. I really love opening the book to the first page because it’s a sky filled with stars and numbers are being connected same with the back page a sky filled with stars to form the creatures in the book. The white space used in the book and the amazing illustrations where my favorite parts of the book. I like the illustrator’s creativity and how he used his imagination to draw out the animals. All the creatures being used have smiling faces and are happy dog found them. When each creature was founded by dog the illustrator made others objects to represent it. This amazing book will help first time learners to learn the numbers one to ten in a fun way and will have them reading again and again. I like how the author used rhyming; goes perfectly with book. When a new creature is introduced the captain is somewhere in the page. Each page is differently filled with colors others not so much. When a creature is lost everyone was worried and started counting backwards, counting backwards will help children comprehend the numbers in both ways. This issue could be a great read aloud for a class with children who may be struggling or need help memorizing the numbers. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book, the plot is very easy to follow and a great way to show newbies how to count using different creature along the way.
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