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Series Wyoming Legacy book#6Her Cowboy Deputy by Lacy WilliamsBear Creek is a small town and has one couple with a heart of gold loving children. They take in and make them family all are brothers and one sister. Matty White is one of the ones that was lucky enough to get taken in whe his parents died leaving him alone.Catherine was not that lucky, she lives outside of town with her grandpa in a soddy. She has always had to work hard and does not trust anyone. A very bad storm throws these two together...Catherine has a good heart and offers help to the deputy when he is hurt. Their time together helps each to remember the days of childhood when they knew one another for a short while.Isolation has turned Catherine into a different woman then most and she wears mens clothes and works the land from daylight to darkLacy brings a wonderful story from these two and you dont want to miss it.
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