Hello My name is Jason Minnis aka ClassicBeatz and I'm a producer/pianist/songwriter from Bedstuy Brooklyn by way of St.Petersburg Florida. Musically, I'm pretty eclectic. My releases range from afrobeat, hip hop and acoustic jazz to funk and classical music. In addition to my solo projects I am the lead member of the instrumental duo Nicholas Kopernicus. I also make up 1/2 of the hip hop duo Smash Brothers.

The purpose of this page is to serve as my music resume. Here you can find information about my official releases as well as links to the music that I've done other projects (TV, Film, Radio). You can find most of my releases on my bandcamp page or in most major digital retail stories (itunes, emusic, spodify, cdbaby etc).

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I hope you enjoy the music and feel free to reach out.

Jason aka ClassicBeatz

New video "Ms Mary Mack"

Albums / EP's

ClassicBeatz- Rumors of Royalty
Rumors of Royalty is an album that links my American roots to the African diaspora. Gospel, Miami bass, Hip hop, New Orleans Bounce ,Soul and R&B have had a major impact on my life. As a native of St. Petersburg, Florida and a long time resident of Brooklyn, NY, I wanted this album to reflect these influences. Find out more at Laid Back Radio

ClassicBeatz -Ntale's Groove 

Ntale's Groove is my solo instrumental concept album that attempts to trace my African roots though music. It was inspired by my 2 trips to east Africa(uganda). Ntale is the tribal name that was given to me on my second visit to Uganda.  You can read the stories behind this project at . 

Ntale's Groove is  available on all major digital outlets (Bandcamp, itunes, emusic etc..) 

Jason Minnis - Romantic Reflections Romantic Reflections is a classical piano EP that features me playing my favorite solo classical piano pieces from the romantic era. Playing solo classical piano is something that I have enjoyed since childhood. This EP was recorded over 13 months in an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. You can find out more about this project at This article featues some really nice photos and video by photographer Stepahne Missier aka Carlito Brigante.

Romantic Reflections
is available on all major digital outlets (Bandcamp, Itunes, emusic)
Romantic Reflection CD's are available exclusively on my Bandcamp page.
ClassicBeatz - Ntale's Groove Remix EP Ntale's Groove Remix EP is a free 4 song EP based off the Ntale's Groove album. This EP features 4 producers from all around the world remixing 4 songs from the Ntale's Groove album. I dont think the word remix does this project justice because each producer composed new material based on themes from Ntale's groove. You can find out more about the project over at Laid Back Radio Ntale's Groove Remix EP is aviaible for free download on my bandcamp page.
Nicholas Kopernicus - Audiocentric [Deluxe Edition]Nicholas Kopernicus is a instrumental duo that consists of Producer/Pianist/Songwriter Jason Minnis aka Classicbeatz (me) and Guitarist/Songwriter Seon Gomez. We released our debut album Audiocentric in 2009 (digital release). Audiocentric can be described as a mix of afrobeat, funk, soul, blues folk and reggae. In 2010 we teamed up with Laid Back Radio to re-release Audiocentric in a physical format (Cd's) with additional bonus material. This re-release of was called Audiocentric [Deluxe edition] and features a full artwork redesign. You can find out more about the re-release here. Photo's by Stephane Missier

Audiocentric is aviaible on most digital outlets (itunes)Audiocentric[Deluxe Edition] CD's and digital downloads are only aviabile on bandcamp.
Nicholas Kopernicus - Audiocentric Unplugged Audiocentric Unplugged is a free live acoustic EP recorded by the instrumental duo Nicholas Kopernicus (ClassicBeatz & Seon Gomez) in conjunction with Laid-back radio and Photographer/videographer Carlito Brigante. Audiocentric Unplugged contains live acoustic versions of 3 songs from Nicholas Kopernius's debut album Audiocentric. This EP can be described as acoustic jazz. Photos by Stepahne Missier.

You can view the performance video, interviews and photo’s from the live performance at Laid Back Radio’s Website Audiocentric Unplugged is available for free download on Bandcamp
Smash Brothers -Fear FactorSmash Brothers is a hip hop duo that consists of ClassicBeatz (me) & MC/Producer Ash Holmz. We released the album Fear Factor in 2008. While I'm proud of this project I don't think that its a good representation of where I'm at musically. We recorded this project at a time when both of us where shopping our beats to commercial hip hop artists in NYC. This project consists raw underground hip hop tracks with some club hits. I was still trying to find my sound and style when I recorded Fear Factor. This project marks a time when I stopped calling myself a beat maker and started calling myself a producer. Photo's by Stephane Missier

Fear Factor is available on most digital outlets (itunes)Fear Factor physical CD's are available on (Cdbaby)

Production & Remixes

ClassicBeatz - In the Currency of Love feat Lisa Preston

In the Currency of Love is a track I recorded with soulful New Zealand vocalist Lisa Preston aka LP in spring 2011. This track was recorded for the Laid Back Radio compilation album. The track was later featured on Toko Dawn Records compilation album  In the Heart Vol 2

Bilal - Robots (ClassicBeatz Remix)

I did the Bilal Robots remix  for a contest sponsored by Plug Research records in December 2010. I diden't even place in the contest but I still liked the remix. (I usually dont do remixes, i hate them). This song is available for free download via my bandcamp page.

Miles Bonny Despreado (Nicholas Kopernicus Rework)Vocalist /Horn player Miles Bonny Recorded vocals on the Nicholas Kopernicus track Candle Dreams. The track was then renamed Desprado and was released on his album Lumberjack Soul on MPM records. He did an amazing job with this track. Photo by Stephane MisserThe Lumberjack soul album is available on all major digital outlets (itunes)

Film / TV

Black Folk Don't

I did the theme/intro music for the web series Black Folk Don't. My music is also featured in a number of the episodes.   This series was featured on PBS as well as a number of other media outlets. Its a funny and provocative series. You can view the Black Folk don't homepage here. You can view the season 2 trailer below

Video for our song Ms Mary Mack. Directed By Richard Louissaint. You can download the song for free via soundcloud
New video for the song Think of you off my Rumors of Royalty album. Video was directed by Richard Louissaint
Some EPK and performance videos for the various projects that i have released. All of these videos were shot by Stephane Missier aka Carlito Brigand


Nicholas Kopernicus

Random Tracks

I use my soundcloud page to post beats sketches, remixes and other random stuff. I also have some of my un-released material up for free download as well. Its a catch all.  

Mixes & Radio Shows

Soulful Southern hip hop (Laid Back Radio show)

After my first visit to Brussels in the summer of  2010  I realized that a lot of people were not aware of the history of hip hop in the south. The purpose of this show is to introduce people to the other side of Southern hip hop.  These are hand selected favorites from my years growing up in Florida. Lush instrumentation, story telling and soul were the hallmarks of great southern hip hop from my youth.  And this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Enjoy! 

Behind Ntale's Groove (Laid Back Radio show)

In Fall 2010 I recorded "Behind Ntale’s Groove" Radio show to showcase musicians that played my solo album Ntales Groove .  This show was also an introduction to musical influences behind the Ntale's Groove album. This show features original compositions from many the Ntale’s Groove musicians as well as music that influenced the making of the album.