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New York City 12/22/11]

What is, if the egyptians *really did [*not] build the [biggest] pyramids in the 1950's, then filmed in the 60's?
What is, if twitter-ha$htagger will figure out, that even *more bizarre*, other significant historical events did not take place *at all or at a completely different time ?
What is if, if "humanz" are only 911 years old, the calendar system completely manipulated,
alphabets arranged in manipulative order, the Grimm Brothers blocked the first feminism ?

Former "transgression comedian", deejay and diplom media scientist Haupt didn't stop here either.
In some half-satirical, half serious style, topics of occasionally crude nature are getting in his new 'manifesto'  lach-und such fest-analyzed, in some dado|mash'ish mixture between mathematical and musical way ;

The name of his (attempted) e|book is "OccupyBeyoncé and|or  the 'gesundMusizierte' end of hisTory, lang|uage" UND polit**s ;-)) .It can be sponsored at flattr, fundly etc..

Haupt aka mc nicomedy2010 aka megalomanico aka .. tries to write not too conclusive, but has also other "shocking events, re-remixed", to question history and historians in general in some so called nu'flux'ian way:

Among "his" topics are extreme -language- parades, half satirized, half unspoken 'niconclusions' :

The english language is too slow and has to be abandoned|remashed, Country-Musicians tried to stop ClearChannel already in 1974 with the Song "Convoy" but noone cared, the so called "*Nuclear" Bomb and their follow-up technologies are *completely made up*, Women *are* more intelligent than men and found their first lucrative jobs in the United Nations, World Bank Systems created artificial recessions in early computer systems and tested them already in 1944,  WW1 and WW2 was only a front for the introduction of specific [color] television formats, 'Radar' and the Internet,

Haupt's so called "nuVisions" are the result of what he states "constructive optimism' :

There will be no real "future" as such, but 2012 the beginning of 'futur'ish', less politicians, *completely new digital currency systems incl. flattr music credits and digital food stamps, the **absolute facts** about Napoleon having tried to sabotage Italian's "glass industry" worldwide accepted, some "adults" will become traumatized, when they will figure out even more other shocking "fact$":

Dinosaurs did *never exist, Darwins best friends and family members created the UNESCO, Jesus *was black, Weltfrieden can be 'accidentally' created etc…

Some newer excerpts:

".. women with the biggest digital muscles will succeed, while digitalDudes will focus on "groupbuying" and the 'nxt' stock market via zecco.com and co. ; .."

ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ - Time Stands Still

".. the reader is a circle, the result is "theSchnittmenge"[to be expained later on] as in some other [object], or the reflection of a situation while reading it, some potential message, whereby one is able to think about it and use concepts to deal adequately with that object .."

".. So there was this lady called 'Senatrix' Marozia during the so called 'pornocracy' period.
I *never ever heard about this before but by reflecting that it was linked to the catholic church,
 it forces me to use words like 'unfortunately'. However what is, if this was the other way around?
A surrealistic attempt, to re-infiltrate the catholics ? ;-  .."

".. I don't really like|like my book yet. Lots of german words come into my mind, which have no real english translations and i wonder why that is so. I don't wanna have too much karma related with weltSchmerzGedanken|world_weariness_thoughts [inaccurate ; neither i push "sentimental pessimism"], MitteilungsSucht|attention_for_conveying [inaccurate], erklaerungs|wiederholungsdrang [repetition_mania ; inaccurate] or entschuldigungsVersuche|apologism [close, but doesn't grasp it either ;].  .."

"…comedians *can jump back ; They're just using a visualized replay- or rewind button. It's after all very easy, to avoid situations of any kind. You just visualize those kind of situations in time, that's when you hit the inner brainButton of the divingBoard|sprungbrett and 'jump back' ; .."

"..if there was an intellectual approach for media analysis in 1916, it could have been also just a tactical approach to control a critique in general, in this case the critics of World War I, which officially started in 1914 and lasted until 1918. In other words, media science itself could have been a tool of the military industry, to collect thoughts and create a mind|police.. especially since the 90s, this whole media business is run by so called *private military contractors, international Venture capital groups, i name here f.i. Digital Sky Technologies (Moscow, Russia), Google Ventures, In-Q-Tel, Kleiner, Perkins .."

".. Media Science is [therefore] not revisionistic at all. It questions the logics of events, not the morality or anything else. As a matter of fact, it has to delay the potential explanation for motives etc...

"..SuperREV, as part of the soft-'SatelliteDeniars" would try to win over all other traditional revisionists and argue, that **NO=0** satellite *is in space, while 'fictitious walter', who is somehow'ish aware of the Issue and co-controlling *it, is observing him from the outside by remaining in hidden circles and start to ruin the career of SuperREV ; ..
..SuperREV will argue, that he actually never saw (LIVE-)videos of *any satellite in space so far, because they don't even film each other ; "Ficticious Walter" would *then use diatribes of some ridicule, already stored in 'mind-manipulation-methology' databases.."

ShaolinAlan x Matt Miller - Fresh Cut Space Taters

".. a schnitt|MENGE{-cut). Please visualize two circles with contradicting information bubbles,
which overlap each other and remain focussing on the part of this overlap.
*That is mathematically the logical evidence for an Existance OF "denial".
In this case not *me is the startup|denier, but the information itself is denying each other.
It's also called a "logical problem", or downgrading it now to a "logical|Issue"…

".. So what about these hieroglyphs ? Who was in charge of deciphering these signs|words *first?
.. The Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres .. once organized by King Louis XIV's finance minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert .. In 1672 Colbert forbid the importation of Venetian glass,
as soon as French glass manufacturing industry was on sound footing. .. they had strong links to the French East India Company, which was founded in 1664 to compete with the British and Dutch East India companies in colonial India.
Back to Hieroglyphs. Actually they were not officially deciphered until the beginning of the 19th[!] century.
This was done by someone called Jean-François Champollion …"

".. Harry Dexter White, senior U.S. Treasury department official, participating in the July *1944 Bretton Woods conference, which paved the way for the IBRD, which today is part of the World Bank Group…
More bizarre is, that according to a number of sources, including the FBI and Soviet archives,
indicate that Harry Dexter White not only passed secret state information to the Soviet Union,
but also was !twice! revealed as a soviet spy… "

".. there was also this '1940s Tube Alloys programme in Britain and Canada, with direct links to France and Germany.
Here we find interesting members like Frédéric Joliot-Curie (1900 – 1958), an assistant to Marie Curie, at the Radium Institute .. Marie's daughter Irene, was one of the scientists mentioned in Albert Einstein's letter to President Roosevelt, but this letter was also *already written in *August 1939* and interestingly one|1 month *before Germany started officially WW2 .. Uranium-238 is nothing other than a natural colorant of glass, producing orange-red to lemon yellow hues. Originally it was also used for tinting and shading in early *photography. It is a silvery-white metallic **chemical** part of the mineral pitchblende, which is credited to Martin Heinrich Klaproth, [.] in *1789 .. The german word pitchblende comes from pitch, because of its black color, and blende ..

.. during *1876, King Léopold II of the Belgians ..conquer[ed] africa and establish[ed] the so called "Congo Free State"
.. oddly "Belgisch Congo" was *already mentioned* in "Einstein/Szilard's 1939 letter" to Roosevelt as "most important source of uranium" .. prior knowledge on the outcome of WW2 [still 6|six years to go!] or logical continuation of a major historical hoax ? .. Why is it that Brussels, the capitol of Belgium, became *then one of the most significant political cities of the world? Co-founder of the European Union .. What else followed within the Manhattan Project appeared to have been the beginning of the next post45++ phase of media manipulation, plus simplistic film|fakery, widely described and documented in the ***nukelies.com forum*** .. why did noone hear about this dude yet ? : ..Olinto De Pretto, a native of the Veneto region of Italy, published an article in which he gave, in its final form, the equation E=mc2 ..on June 16, 1903, and published again in February 27, 1904,  thereby preceded Einstein.. by at least a year-and-a-half...

Starkey - Space Traitor Vol. 2

".. let's flux'assume just for fun, that everything started in the minus year 2011-911= 1100 aka 0, it adds up into the historical_theory which states that 'news' developed as a special use of the plural form of new,  was 'somewhere' as late as in the 14th century. In Middle English, the equivalent word was newes, like the French nouvelles and the German neues. Somewhat similar developments are found in some of the Slavic languages (Czech and Slovak), where there exists a word noviny ("news"), developed from the word nový ("new")…

…the egypts did some organized courier service and the chinese news sheets, called tipao but no official reference until *1582, that makes it in nu_fluxian time 911-482 to the nufluxian_year '671'  .. in 1556, the government of Venice, Italy first published the monthly Notizie scritte, which cost one gazette, still too much for the lower income class, "too catch up" .. There was this dude Borat, who actually stole his humor from some germans and russians, and once said on the David Letterman Show, that he worked for Goldman Sachs…

".. Do you know that there was an !!!!american!!! comedian, ..name was Mort Sahl,
who once wrote jokes for speeches of JFK and so on.
Sahl explained why both right and leftwing are the *same thing and even went to the playboy club,
to explain this even better. Where was german comedy on all this ? .."

".. language-historians *also mistranslated *this word "conservative" wrong .. but Konserve *does* mean can and tin, so maybe it was just some very sinister way, to distract from Napoleon's idea, how to transport meat and food for this very, very long way to egypt and that's why he asked some sugar baker called Nicolas Appert, to develop some transportation idea, so that this Appert-guy then worked on "luftdicht verschlossenen Behältnissen" (kinda air tight principles, to keep the food fresh) into glas bottles .. but then there was also Bryan Donkin who had already his own 'konservenTinCan-company" in *1812.
These historians are all not that sure any longer, since|since_*then there was also a military infiltration in the chemistry- [and food] industry, but that's not even a secret either..

…Actually the stormtroopers of the German Army invented all this infiltration thingie during *1916.
They did this, because they allegedly worked on 'modernism', together with other wardudes from france and britain. Maybe it was all done for tele-|vision ;   ..

"...In 1961, the [IBM] 7094 became the first computer to sing, singing the song Daisy Bell. Vocals were programmed by John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum.
A "7090/1401 installation" is featured in the motion picture "Dr. Strangelove", with the 1403 printer playing an important role in the plot, which is in a hiding place for a transistor radio; which, when found and turned on by one of the three characters played by Peter Sellers in the film, reveals that some "nuclear attack" ordered by the deranged Air Force base commander is "phony"… The 7090 systems are also installed into the Mitsubishi Nuclear Power Co. (*1963, Japan)…On 3 September 2001, AREVA is officially created by the merger of Framatome (now AREVA NP), Cogema (now AREVA NC) and Technicatome (now AREVA TA)…German company Siemens also retains 34%.. Kuran, having "just completed his work" on the iPAD version of his successful book entitled "How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb"..started his career in 1976 working as an animator on the original Star Wars. As an animator on Star Wars, Kuran introduced the concept of "animating shadows and interactive light to objects" to make them appear more "interactive"…
…07/03/11, DER SPIEGEL ...Hamburg - Auch nach der Atomwende verschleiert die Bundesregierung nach SPIEGEL-Informationen weiterhin die Herkunft des Urans Ufer die deutschen Kraftwerke…DER SPIEGEL" started officially in 1947, initiated and sponsored by the British occupational administration …DER SPIEGEL did misAssociate its title with german Magazine "Der Spiegel" (*1908|Lion Feuchtwanger, for financial reasons later turning into 'Die Schaubuehne', which was a german "Wochenzeitschrift für Politik, Kunst und Wirtschaft..

…Also using the assistance of the ERC at around the same time, is french surrealist Max Ernst, inspired by Hegel and Nietzsche… In 1918 Ernst founded the "Dada-Gruppe Zentrale W/3" (Cologne, Germany)…In 1930 Ernst participated in the so called "controversial" movie "Das goldene Zeitalter" (L’Âge d'Or), produced by Luis Buñuel und Salvador Dalí..."

Ernst became worldwide popular for innovative ideas|kunstIdeen incl. Frottage, Grattage, so called "Oszillation or Dripping", "Decalcomanie", surrealistic collage[s], "Empreinte" and Fumage (Räuchern) [transl: to cure, räuchern, to fumigate, to smoke sth. ]


".. There was once this vicomte de Chateaubriand, some french poet, who was allegedly the father of romanticism.
He once wrote a letter against this famous french 'presidentdude' called Napoleon.
I don't really know what else this vicomte did, but he also created some magazine against Napoleon called "Le Conservateur" and that must have been the time, when the idea of being conservative turned into some insult ; ..
.. then they came up with something new and called it "The Orléanists".
But that *also doesn't make sense, because they called them right-wingers too ; ..

…it all started in some [Salpêtrière] hospital where actually also "years later" this 'biopfff..|armacy'-dude Sigmund Freud showed up, who didn't like his parents, and was inspired by some french militarist and doctor called Jean-Martin Charcot, to write some book "how you can hate your parents more"… also the same hospital where Lady Di Spencer died and before *that, she hooked up with some muslim dude who she really, really loved, but later media-doctors from the early 2000's called that *"terrorism" ; ..

.. her great grand daddy Edmund Maurice Burke Roche, who came from Ireland was already some kind of firefighter, and then all Irish decided to become fire fighters, but then oddly they didn't explain to us,
how elevators did pulverize, which once happened in 2001..

"… I'm furthermore a 'recessionComedian', a language|Barrier, a timeResearcher, a musicHistorian plus deeeejay,  "derLetzteDeutscheKuenstler", … I worked for at least 3-4 millionaires myself, as a loyal assistant and they temporary also became one of my best friends. They all talked about interesting stuff .. i only need enough money, to have my *own apartment, my *own keys, free wifi/wimax++ and enough to eat. Meanwhile i call it also 'reaching out to the digital middle class', since the former middleClass is dismantled for me, my careerism jammed and maybe i'm still blacklisted every_where ;-)  .."

HellNegative - Living Substitute

"… it is about some healthy combination of abstract thinking, communication, reasoning, learning, understanding, planning, problem solving, intellegere|„verstehen“, wörtlich|„wählen zwischen...“
from lat. inter „zwischen“ and legere „lesen, wählen“) ; .. Knowledge is about specific navigation systems imo. Isn't car|driving and mapping the same ? ..

.. Of course both grimm brothers …] were linked to an early pharmacist family and dispensing chemists, which once was called Apothecary… The Grimm's also were the first 'dictators', since they pushed the first "dic\tionaries" ..
'Something' must have happened between the 1780s and 1850s, which triggered this kind of censorship…

"Die deutsche Sprache kann nicht mehr hergeben, was sie einst zu vermoegen gewagt haben mag" ; Zitat [namenslos]

kreidler - Dreitonmelodien

".. german women could accidentally create "weltfrieden" *first, but some 'peacemakers' are in their way ;
Why german women are better in linguistic than everyone else, i also never figured out yet… someone must have gone through their very long hair, which made them upset and recreated their own 'language' while figuring out that the rest of language was based on corrupt mistranslations and ignorance.. I still don't trust the alpha|bet either. Didn't they turn this into Sesame Street? …

.. some would label most_absurde_theories- maybe even all kind of language did start with an "M", as in mmmh|yummy, not an "A". Plus '5' was the first number, not the '1' ;  .. i call it now the nu'fluxian theory no.5, that the first seddlers in america maybe'ish created this absurd, very complicated metric system, to have some mathematical advantage and later make even more extra bucks, with the invention of the first pocket calculator of TexasInstruments ; ..

.. I'm very glad, the grimms never finished their final dictionary which ended with the letter 'D'. .. Maybe it's about 'dictatorship', 'diary', 'diarrhea', which makes me distrust the "D" as well .. M would be then the *beginning of anything, but also a reference to 5 and 500. Maybe'ish it was a hint for the hand[-shake] or a hello, maybe it was *then used, to create "maniPulative" words like master, mankind, money, mother [it should be more logically woMan or 'mrs. milkyway' if you like ;].  .. Maybe M was indeed the first letter, then sold to 'water merchants' to distract from all this, who then delivered water to their first 'masters', which then stole the letter K for king instead for stand-in's like 'c' or /k/ or /g/ before a rounded vowel (e.g. "EQO" = ego) ;

The sister-letter J then also warned about the letter 'N' because it looked like a 'snake' and indeed the ancient|egypts (whenever they lived) called a "snake" a djet, though most snakes are actually nice, if you treat them like cleopatra maybe'ish did ; .. skipping to this O, *that could turn into some endless speculation, but i think it refers to the eye of a woman and an extensive research on caves ;  .. anyway, i just don't trust the order of *any alphabet, it's most likely just the result of an early manipulation of writers, who worked for kings and all that stuff ;  .. I could also speculate about the unknown or hyper-multiple origin for 'X-letters' p-z (including the interesting canine r-letter for perro for a [growling] dog..

"...When Henri Becquerel paved the way for a sophisticated 'anxietyOP' ever, by officially discovering "radioactivity" [translated : Project Management of a transmission of signals, through free space with frequencies below those of visible light.], that was also the same year when the first west-east transatlantic radio broadcast is made from the United States to England [January 19th, 1903] (the first east-west broadcast having been made in 1901).

… please bare with me, but i'm still not a big fan of exact, appropriate punctuation and put my comma[s],
wherever i feel, it *has to be placed ; maybe it's 'time' after all, to abandon|Ignore any kind of scareTactics within "language" .. I like the word boolean ; much easier to understand than "body language" is computer language .. developed in *1854 by George Boole in his book An Investigation of the Laws of Thought.
It also refers to the study of AND, OR, and NOT, also called conjunction x∧y,
or Kxy ; x∧y, disjunction x∨y, and complement ¬x ; ..

.. in 525 the so called Anno Domini calendar system started, which is highly suspicious to me .. Plus what about this "gregorian calendar", also called "Western calendar", or "Christian calendar", signed on 24 February 1582 ? ..
.. it is actually linked to so called "Inter gravissimas", a papal bill issued by Pope Gregory XIII, which my "autospell" ironically turned into papal bull..

.. time for music pleeeeeeeeeease ;

Glyphick Productions ("feat" Ralph Tresvant) - All, That, Matters.
http://soundcloud.com/glyphickcommunicatorious ; followed by
X ➲ Zenjungle&Tunedin52

".. so in 1582, there was this italian mathematician, astrologer and cartographer, Giovanni Antonio Magini, who won the race over Galileo Galilei, to get the chair of mathematics at the University of Bologna, opposing Copernicus's heliocentric system .. 1582 was also the year, where Urbain Hémand investigated the anatomy of the teeth, but i couldn't find any further information on this. Furthermore some dude named Jacques Pelletier died, who tried to reform French spelling (the "Renaissance" created, through a misguided attempt to model French words on their Latin roots, many inconsistencies ;) .. "

"...The first Zorki was the Zorki 1, an exact copy of the 1932 Leica II rangefinder.
The Zorki 2 (1954) was similar to the Zorki 1.
Introduced in 1951, the Zorki 3 was somewhat similar to the Leica III.
The Zorki 6 was identical to the later version Zorki 5.
The Zorki-35M during the late 1960s included automatic parallax compensation, but it never went into production…"

".. why also was the very first leader of the UNESCO Julian Huxley, brother of so called "controversial" Aldous Huxley ?
Wasn't there some interest of conflict or what was the real purpose of the Huxley family, who were good buddies with Charles Darwin, coming from a family who prefered plants over animals (The Loves of the Plants|Erasmus Darwin, *1789, also linked to some 'private society' or club called "Lunar Society" ;)  ?  .."

"… I read (("Belehrungen wie man sich auszudrücken hat")), when i was 11 or so ;  please come to u own conclusions ; .."

"…As i pointed out…"]], the first electric elevator was already built by Werner von Siemens in 1880! Why did the furniture industry not react in an *appropriate way on this? Maybe it was 'designed' like that?
And if skyscrapers or 'skypokerz' haven't been build for the so called 'middle class', for whom?
Maybe "FOR the FURNITURE-industry" .."

".. There is another irritation with the word "misunderstanding".
Is it a mistaken or incorrect understanding, related to an abstract or physical object, such as a person, situation, or message ? Maybe you should web|trans|Late the following definition "…Ein Missverständnis ist nicht mit dem Missverstehen gleichzusetzen.  Das Missverstehen hat seine Ursache in fehlerhaftem akustischen Verstehen,
oder es basiert auf einer inkorrekten Ausdrucksweise…" ;-) .."

".. My current 'favez' of 'skyscratchers' -which is one of current definitions of big houses - include the Monadnock Building (*1891, Chicago)  .. the Burj Dubai Samsung C&T 'skyscraper' in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (*2010),
… and RADAR/radar: (*1886, *1904, *1917[tesla+-], *1922, *1934, *1940, *1951 (Goodyear's Atlas ICBM program), *1960 (AN/UPD-1 synthetic aperture radar -system), *1972+- [u.s. "reconnaissance satellites"], *1975 [Микоян МиГ-31 +-], *1981 [Spaceborne Imaging Radar (SIR) missions] … "

"..what [really'ish] happened on 15 April 1912 ?  Was the sinking of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company just a successful attempt to block private radio stations ? .."

".. *1942, Leonard Dillo is born, co-founder of the music project "theEthiopians", which is the beginning for Ska and another related 'speed0music' including "rim-Shots (*1966, bluegrass on jamaica), then finally turning into "reggae", not vice versa ; .. Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - White House Blues (September 20, 1926 ; pre-1929recession'ish oldTime bluesrag ;)  … did u ever study the history of the "obere Ende der Kurzwelle" ?
That is 'shortwave' and available in 'Deutshland' from 26,565 MHz to 27,405 MHz (80 channels) ;  
.. and the radio itself? Invented by 'denDeutschen'.
Call it also 'Radio Data System (RDS ; 1983++)', "Funk-Stunde Berlin" (1923--[minus-minus), "Autoradios" (radios for cars; 1922-- Ford Modell T, Chicago , *clearly linked to Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart/Germany and/or Daimler Mercedes Benz). …this chapter is getting' way out of hand and is more for geeks, therefore time for some music break again ;

Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier (*1991)

".. The 'expression' "new" comes actually from the german word 'neu' or "noch unbekannt, unvertraut" [still unknown, not familiar yet], or gothic-german spelled "niujis". ..

".. Who was the *real inventor of telephone/radio [tele-radio ;-)] ?
Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, Guglielmo Marconi +-*what?, Philipp Reis or *really Elisha Gray, who was patent-framed in the 1860++s, or was it just physician Heinrich Hertz +-1866 [?;-)].
Maybe then one should also study the cover-up history of "light" and scottish James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879) or find the diaries of his girlfriend Katherine Mary Dewar, maybe because she know "better" than him ; .. …btw, according to his 'bio'/'vita' [unwords] Maxy Maxwell was called in school „Dafty“ (Dussel or Sonderling, dumbf*k, dully, crazy or nuts, whatever you 'prefer')… also for being known for presenting the first durable colour photograph in 1861.. "

"… When Edgard Varese aka Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse, (1883 – 1965), an innovative French-born composer and early inventor of "organized sound" published his compositions for the world exhibition, he was described as "insane" and "people got scared of him".

Edgard Varese - Ionisation (~1929–1931)

The Pharmaceutical 'Society' of Great Britain is founded.
It was once a fact that if a customer picks up a bottle of medicine from the shelves, in this case does not amount to an acceptance of an offer to sell.  It is an offer by the customer to buy ;
The pharmacist can say 'You cannot have that. That contains poison' ..

French chemist Angelo Mariani creates "Vin Mariani", a tonic and patent medicine, inspired after reading Paolo Mantegazza’s 1859 paper on coca's effects.
Hey, did u know that they put 'coca' back into bolivia's coca cola ? [april 2010] ; ..

.. ((why was it *1920, when Ernest Rutherford "conceptualized" the neutron, *if he located the concentrated "nucleus" already in 1911 ? ..the word "concentrate" can refer to a form of substance which has had the majority of its base component OR "auf einen Punkt richten" ~ "to make a point" ;))

63 Europium
(*1890 ; i.e. for roten|Leuchtstoff (Luminophor) in Farbbildröhren ;
'think' about Loch-, Schlitz- oder Streifenmasken, and its red-green-blue context regarding the "Braun'sche Röhre", Karl Ferdinand Brau [(*1850 in Fulda/Germany; † 1918 in New York) plus the 'invention' of the television|FERNsehen|TV in yet another 1880'ish context of Guglielmo Marconi and Heinrich Hertz [1857 - 1894]  plus likely also Nicola Tesla [1856  Smiljan, at "Kroatische Militärgrenze" - 1943 in New York   ; )

… i *know this chapta is not funky enuff ;

Musicarus - Drunkman

"…yellowish oxide ;  discovered at around 1878 ; naturally once coined Gadolinit at Ytterby, sweden, also most likely in reference to Stockholm, once mentioned as a city by "Sagenschreiber" [transl: myth author Snorri Sturluson from Iceland (1179–1241)..

… however there is also a "feminine expression" víking for Wikingzug/'train of vikings'/"Auslaufen von Land", ..
the "historical explanation" of Iceland is actually very diversified, linked either to Irish monks or "Norsemen"/Germanic ethnic group, including the so called "first permanent Nordic settler" Ingólfr Arnarson.
The name Ingolf, similar to the name Adolf that means "aristocratic wolf",
would be translated as "royal or kingly wolf." .. "Über die Herkunft des Wortes Wikinger besteht letztlich keine Einigkeit',
transl: On the origin of the word 'viking' is in the final analysis no conclusion ;]

graciellita (w/ pianista Mira Shvangiradze ❤) - the frog never turned prince

… 10 more 'reading_minutes' to go … …let's *now first refresh again the *original definition of the word "element" :
It's actually referring to the "Mengenlehre"  [tr.: theory of sets [math.] or "Klassenlogik" [~transl. logic of classes] ..
'Mengenlehre' or "theory of sets" is actually the main basics of mathematics…
Cantor *was actually called the 'modern father of mathematics'.
In 1877 he called it himself 'Mannigfaltigkeitslehre'.
…His 'elements of M' definition appears to be instead very sharp, on the point and somehow also philosophical..
..Cantor tried to meet that famous dude Bertrand Russell at some celebrations of the university of St. Andrews in Scottland…
...when Russell released his writings called "Principia Mathematica", Apparently Cantor received this invitation by having been "mentioned" in some research of Russell called "transfinite Zahlen“ (transl. : transfinite [math.] numbers.
It was reported, that they apparently never met at this event.
Cantor then became sick and died in 1913, officially linked to "hunger" ..

…btw, 'europa' is actually just a Phoenician princess in Greek mythology, from whom the name of the continent Europe is actually taken ;

time for another music reference, before it's getting *tooDry'ish :

Palais Schaumburg - Europa (ist/heisst America) ;

…back to the 'end of the list' of elements.

95 Americium

     96 Curium

     97 Berkelium
     98 Californium
     99 Einsteinium

[.. americium, californium, einsteinium ? How far-stretched are these 'words' ?]

"...Whether sometimes something 'sounds' unusual, doesn't mean it's not usual ;
It's fascinating to me, to actually study the history of 'particular dis- or disorder'.
At around the 1850's, german doctor Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum (1828, - 1899)
was defining stuff like 'Jugendliche_Irresein' or "juvenile madness".

Ironically when ancient greeks studied and coined terms for melancholy, hysteria and phobia
they developed the "humorist theory", no joke, look it up ;- .. in the Middle Ages in Christian Europe they called inconsistencies of humanity a "mixture of the divine, diabolical, magical and **humoral".. ;

n3u3S - knowsy
ManOnWire & Byrdversion1 - Seventeen

"...In the 20th century there was already an increased doublethink_development of "psychoanalysis",
which would later come to the forefront of unwort_zeitgeist, along with Mr. "Kraepelin's classification scheme".
Who will define "mental_diseases" in the futur'ish ? .."

".. so called popmusic of the 80s was imo a corrupted or manipulated front for THORN EMI and related weapon industry, maybe to sponsor some wars and 'in_reverse_called 'messages'.
Roughly i would just re:listen to specific black music and work my way up to the "Slits" again. Honestly ;
Hey did u know that Kate Bush was close to Nicola Tesla, while_that_gabriel_dude maybe closer to 'weaponIndustreee'  .. If music of the 2010's would be about Marshall McLuhan, it would sound like "air" or "ryskopp" and related nuKularIndusTree, so i don't trust them either, lol .. i'm very_sure that "electronic music"' and the emulation of 'mp3' was already created in the '1940s+-'-, to develop a plan of getting rid of message all along.
Another half_satirical_thesis_of_mine is that 'sony was behind hipHop', figure out by uself what that means ;;
…Yeah, i do_love-blackmusic. It's a shame that they call it like that… Soul, Northern soul, dub, well reverse engineering ;  the good_news: All formerly well_known genres are really_'death' now too ; What an exciting refreshment ;..

"...there must have been some historical false-flag involved between the following players:
Columbia Broadcasting Inc. (CBS), NASA, Radio Manufacturers Association (RMA, ~1936 ; during 1940 embedded by the FCC into the Electronic Industries Alliance), SECAM (the french Séquentiel couleur à mémoire [tv-] system aka „Sequenzielle Farbe/color mit Speicher“), Henri Georges de France (the developer of SECAM), Thomson SA [now Technicolor SA, who owns the SECAM rights, but originally was the Edison General Electric Company to become the General Electric Company in 1892, which should make u think ;], then there was a technical, so called Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis -principle and 'germany/telefunken'  .. Then there was also JVC, which was founded in 1927 as "The Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan, Limited," a subsidiary of the U.S.' leading phonograph and record company, the Victor Talking Machine Company.  In 1929 majority ownership was transferred to RCA-Victor.
In the 1930s JVC produced "phonographs and records". In 1932 JVC started producing radios and in 1939 Japan had their first television.
Odd what all happened 'in between', since officially there was something called 'worldwar 2', pearlHarbor or so ; .."

"...Maybe you get a better idea by considering the historical 'fact', that french  Charles de Gaulle had a perfect relationship with former soviet union- 'CEO'  Nikita Chruschtschow , SECAM/PAL-Decoders had been pretty much available after a while in east germany which was mostly advanced in the development of chemical laser weapons in Jena, though still 'surrounded by a wall' ;
"History" becomes even more bizarre and non-linear'ish'ish, when you consider some specific business facts in this ongoing century, mostly ignored by so called [Orwellianized!] 'activists' or 'anarchists' …
…. btw. Thales Nederland B.V. (formerly Signaal) was one company the german nazis officially "occupied" during WW2, and Spacebus, a satellite bus for geostationary communications satellites plus the U.S. Internet Backbone System - once run by Lucent, is completely in the hand of french Alcatel Alenia Space for years++… "

"...where is the language in all this?
Think about some prepositions. "trans", "across" + "ducere", "to lead" or "to bring".
The sound of the object? To acquire and use a complex systems of communication ?
I learned that there are still 3000–6000 languages around, so why did the english language succeed so much ?
 Who picked it ? The germans or the brits -or was it french, or russia? ..

…skyscraper aka "wolkekrabber", "cloud-scraper", mótiān dàlóu, grattacielo, ουρανοξύστης, sky-scraping tower or 摩天楼" (matenrou), "neboder" ("sky-ripper"), "gökdelen" ("sky-piercer") and "nhà chọc trời" ("sky-poker").
..how would kids call this?
Maybe a big_building, a tall building or a very_tall_building?
Maybe it's actually more fun, if the mother would refer to 'some plan of the 50s which i later tell u about', while daddy thinks he has no *time* and refers to a sky-piercer.
The sound of sky-poker makes sense to me.
Obviously someone was "pokering" around the issue for a smart name ;

…ps: an "unwort" is an overhyped word by mainstream media, with the attempt, to mass-manipulate their "readers" and "watchers". During 2011, they overhyped words like "protest", "trend", "'kreativwirtschaft'", "stressTest", ""Patent", BiospritE10, Pkw-Maut, oil-Oligopol, "Nichtraucher|nonSmoker", "occupy", „Tochtersöhne“, "justinbieber", "kardashian", "Facebook"…"truther", nwo|weltregierung|wirArbeitenDochGeradeAn , RockGoddess, "gaga", "marriage", ghost chips, liquefaction, "ArabSpring", "99%", "red-stickered"..."

"… 'post_r&b got' got replaced with the autoTune ...Who is really running Antares Audio Technologies ?
The answer can be "generated" very quickly: It was Andy Hildebrand, an engineer working for Exxon ;
It was first used to produce the prominent on Cher's "Believe", recorded in 1998 ;
It was then revived in the late-2000s by R&B singer T-Pain, then took overboard by 'Lil Wayne_Ke$ha_Shania Twain'n_co' .."

.. Anyone still "Surprised" ?

Slamagotchi - Circuit Boy (Slamagotchi-kordaroi colab)
Prozak Morris - Evolution Of The Hip-Hop Beat 1975-2011 '(A Prozak Morris Derivative Work)

Maurice Jarre and all that post70s_newage_nonsense?   I prefer stuff like Bernard Herrman… "

"...btw. up until today, there is still this comedian joke around,
triggered by some electronic-physicians, which is the following:
"NTSC-Systems and their "Farbfehler"/color 'mistakes' does 'in reality' mean: „Never The Same Color“  ;-)) [

K▼ZE - Bakenfries

weirddough - casanova

Chapter 37
i love the moon

This was supposed to be my shortest chapter.
I love the moon but it always bothered me why the russians never built a highspeed-train over there ;-[