Unpacking Give Up!

My first purchase on checkthis

The first idea of checkthis, somewhere like 3 years ago, was a simple one page service. Add your content. Change how it looks. Share your link anywhere. Nice idea Fred, but why on Earth should I fucking create a page? Now, months after our public launch, +35,000 pages later and the recent introduction of our Verbs -- Tell, Sell, Ask, Invite -- you cannot imagine how proud I'm to unpack an object I bought on... checkthis.

There is two cherries on this tasty cake. First cherry, this poster is just beautiful, the seller took the time to pack it perfectly, it's a limited edition and it's signed. That's e-commerce dude! Second cherry, the product you can use now on checkthis is just at the very beginning of what we are building. Stay tuned, big things coming really soon.

By the way, I recently sold this and this on checkthis but having people I don't know making money is just a totally different feeling.

Check this!

You can buy yours for just £25, shipping included.