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Beck Phillips has spent his time since the dragon pillage of Kingsplot inflating a huge weather balloon inside a tiny building, exploring all the forbidden rooms in the manor, and showing his natural propensity to act first and think later.But, he is a Pillage and dragons are part of his heritage. Try as he might, he cant ignore their obvious lure. Confronted with conflicting stories from adults who claim to know whats best for him, Beck retrieves the last dragon egg in existence and takes it to a mountainside cave to hatch.Kate should be jealous when Beck becomes too attached to the dragon queen Lizzy, yet she too is irresistibly drawn in. When Lizzy starts her own rampage, Beck realizes he cant let the devastation happen again. Will he, once and for all, be able to change the course of events his family curse has destined for him?In this exhilarating sequel to Pillage, Beck must use his natural ingenuity to sort out who can be trusted and who cant, before its too late.
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