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In Unscalable, startup founder and software engineer Charlie Guo uncovers the lesser-known backstories of failure and success in interviews with some of the most daring founders in Silicon Valley. While much is made of the mythology of brilliant leadership and overnight success stories, these interviews pull back the veil on a much more eclectic mix of strategies and experiments, revealing the longer and less predictable road to success in Silicon Valley. Guo gives us a look at the edgier moments behind the glamor of the tech boom. To the question Will it scale? this book suggests that more often than not, the answer may be No! especially as fledgling ideas try to shape-shift their way into actual products and companies. Some of those new entities will themselves spawn new startups, while some will fade into oblivion. From vacuuming out hundreds of cars in a green vest to learning that Britney Spears was their newest account, founders share the peaks and valleys that have made startups one of the most riveting stories of the century.
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