Dogstudio is hot and so are you,

Our team is looking for the next über cool Art Director / Senior Designer to get along with the other designers, discuss in front of a fireplace while lying on a Lion's pelt and eventually make great design stuff happen.

You're the kind of dude or dudette who really needs to push the envelope and you find this job proposal funny because you always wanted to work with our solid and friendly team.

We need you to be versatile :

  • You know how to handle the graphic direction of a project, we want you to put your heart and experience in every single project.
  • Maybe you're just pure talent, you have no degree and you're just 21 and we would still want to meet you ! Originally we would have said that we need someone with 7 years of experience so that you understand the kind of skills we're aiming for but for once we'll leave it in your expert hands.
  • Have a strong ( and we seriously mean it ) eye for details,
  • Strong graphic design skills allowing you to jump from pure graphic design through illustration and branding to pure UX and UI design ( if you wonder what are UX and UI you can leave right now ) . We make a lot of different things down here and we want someone as versatile as capable of loving stupid cat videos.
  • You're always curious about other artists, illustrators, graphic designers, architects, and knitting grandmas
  • You're a true teamplayer...sorry lone rangers but you will have to work with the other designers and refer to the creative director as well.
  • You heard about usability before it was cool
  • You're fluent either in french or english or both


  • You have some kind of experience with motion design, you know how to make your pretty designs move as smoothly as Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

You are :

  • A good lad
  • Positive and funny at times
  • Involved in your projects
  • Unique, like a little flower ( and if you're a dude, think about a nasty flower…like…uh )
  • If you like to knit, to ride horses at night, to make electronics, you were once a wrestler or used to cuddle tigers, we love singularity. share it with us !
  • If you're a hipster, that will do, we know how to deal with you guys, did we tell you we love bikes ?

You will :

  • Come up with nice concepts and act as a design director on projects ( but don't worry you won't be alone, you'll team up with other designers and the creative director )
  • Work in team with the project managers, developers and frontend developers to ensure a nice and smooth experience for everyone.
  • Switch from UI design for large corporate portals or graphic design for a cultural institution to immersive experience for movie-related websites.
  • Get really involved in your projects…quality is not an option, it's a must here.
  • Most probably have to eat junk food from time to time when there's a rush to the nearest burger snack and drink beers on friday drinks…sorry about that

You're a local or willing to relocate to Belgium.
International applicants will be received with the uppermost interest so don't be shy and throw in your portfolio.

We need :

Your updated portfolio and resume goddammit.

By the way, and just to be honest with you..we don't care about your cover letter, we already know you're willing to work with us. We care about result.

Please note : We're really really busy right now and we will only get back to the candidates moving to the next step. Sorry about that !

Send everything to

Why are you still there ? We're waiting for you already.

About Dogstudio

We're the kind of guys who don't manage to get their new portfolio online because we're to busy working for others…and it's been going like that for 2 years now…

Dogstudio is an internationaly awarded digital agency ( 2 FWA SOTD, 6 AWWWARDS SOTD, 1 AWWWARDS SOTM, 1 Adobe Cutting Edge Award ) and located in the lovely Belgium.

We collaborate with creative-driven clients including the Standard de Liège, Buzzman Paris, B-REEL NYC, Instaply San Francisco, European Commission, Sudpresse, Carrefour, the Belgian film industry, etc..

We're convinced that…whatever, we're great !

We make good shit ( and you ?)