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“The creative freedom of Tumblr combined with the instant feedback of Facebook. The new Checkthis is genius.”

Jan, Engineer at Foursquare
    • Beautiful Design
    • Choose from a variety of themes and upload a custom background.
    • Rich Content
    • Add any combination of text, images, video, and more.
    • Embedded Applications
    • Ask a question with polls or allow purchases via Paypal.
    • Live Timeline
    • A real-time feed of community interactions including views, likes, comments, and more.
    • On Fire Notifications
    • Alerts pop up when posters are on fire with views, likes, comments, votes, or tweets.
    • Twitter Integration
    • Mentions of your poster on Twitter automatically appear in the timeline.
anatomy of a social poster

The only limit is your imagination

Get creative with it.

Checkthis gives you the ability to express yourself and look good while doing it. Choose one of our beautiful themes, mix up the colors, change the typefaces, and upload an optional custom background.

Embed rich content.

Add any combination of images, videos, maps, polls, and more—there's even a Paypal button to enable purchases.

Instagram SoundCloud PayPal Google Maps And more…

No technical knowledge required.

We've done the heavy lifting for you. Our editoredit your text is easy to use, offers prompts if needed, and takes the guesswork out of it by showing your poster exactly how it will look once published.

Watch a community grow
around your poster

Real-time interactions in a clean timeline.

With checkthis, the community sits next to the content, which means your timeline is always visible to the right of your poster for easy viewing and increased interaction.

When people visit and interact with your posters, it appears in real-time on a timeline with no need to reload the browser. The timeline shows every interaction with your posters including likes, comments, votes on polls, and mentions on Twitter. It also notifies you if your poster is on fire or has been featured on the Explore page.

See tweets without having to check Twitter.

We pull information in from Twitter, so you don't have to go there to find out when your poster has been mentioned—the tweet instantly shows up in your timeline.

Never miss a beat thanks to notifications.

The notification panel makes it easy to stay on top of everything. Be alerted to new comments, likes, votes on polls, mentions on Twitter, and massive traffic—for all your posters and those you have interacted with.

Checkthis plays well
with Facebook and Twitter

Control what you share.

Control how and when you want to share—we'll never divulge anything without your permission.

Your visitors, multiplied.

When your visitors share on Facebook and Twitter, it increases your traffic.

on fire

A unique profile
for your collection of posters

Unique to you

Your profile has an easy to remember, distinct URL that can be shared directly with family and friends.

Your collection

You or visitors can view all your posters in one place and share outside of Checkthis. Featured posters are highlighted.

your profile

Discover how others
are using social posters

70,000+ posters have already been made with Checkthis—these are a few ways people are using it.

  • Central Design
  • The guys at Central Design needed to quickly post a job listing, but didn't have a blog or space to publish it on their website. They used Checkthis to post and share the listing so they could focus on hiring.
  • Vlek Records
  • As a label that often experiments, Vlek naturally needed a flexible way to communicate. They've used Checkthis to set up quick sales, promote workshops, and share flyers to showcase artists.
  • Thibaut Allender
  • After spending six months restoring an arcade game, Thibaut sold it in 48 hours on Checkthis. Instead of auctioning it off on eBay, he used Checkthis to share it on Facebook and Twitter and avoided the fee.

The most

So it's like a blog?

  • No, a blog needs commitment and time to build an audience. You can share posters with Checkthis whenever you want with no long-term commitment.
  • No, a blog is like a book and each post is like a page. Checkthis is one, big memorable poster.
  • No, a blog has comments that get lost somewhere on the page. Checkthis prominently displays a real-time community next to your posters.

Frédéric della Faille
Founder & Designer

Designer and product guy; conceives the product roadmap and provides oversight for community and communication.

Melvyn Hills
Co-founder & Developer

More than a coder; he builds the user experience and works with the team of engineers to ensure product quality.

Made for the love of it.

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    • “The list of investors and advisors is a strong one and says a lot about the company’s ambitions.”
    • “Like Geocities, Checkthis wants to be a one-stop publishing tool designed for the masses.”
    • “It's brilliantly simple. The pages serve every major user need and can be created and shared in seconds. The end result looks good too.”