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In this Gospel Coalition booklet, D. A. Carson and Timothy Keller recount the origins of the Gospel Coalition and the purpose for which it was formed: to propagate a robust understanding of the gospels content and to encourage gospel-centered ministry.Carson and Keller, founders of the coalition and editors of the booklet series, form a theological foundation for the organizations mission and detail a vision for ministry in a changing world. Ministry today must entail both Bible-centered preaching as well as outreach to the needy. Grounding their vision in the cross, Carson and Keller show how biblical theology flows toward Jesus and the gospel. They also demonstrate how Christian ministry flows from Jesus and the gospel. This summary of gospel-centered ministry is a great resource for pastors and others interested in the Gospel Coalition.Gospel-Centered Ministry offers a thoughtful explanation for the Gospel Coalitions confessional statement. The Gospel Coalition is an evangelical renewal movement dedicated to a scripture-based reformation of ministry practices.
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