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Book description
Christina Rich is one of the very few authors who can lure me into a biblical historical setting. In this case, 668 B.C. Her talent is in evoking lush images with her carefully phrased words. Im convinced this author has lived in this time period or possesses a time machine and has travelled there -- her descriptions and settings read that real. Can I call a Greek hero swashbuckling? Because thats the word that comes to mind when describing Nicolaus. He has the air (and allure) of a pirate -- though hes not quite as rough around the edges. Quick to anger at times and often abrupt, Ada pushes all the wrong buttons. You might say it isnt long before the tables are turned and its the ships captain who becomes the real captive. Ada is unique among women. Shes lived a confusing life -- considered part of a family but not good enough to really belong. Growing up in that kind of environment has made her a mix of contradictions. At times bold and outspoken, she can certainly hold her own against her captor. But she is also hesitant and vulnerable, despairing of ever finding a place to belong. Rich has created an action-packed tale full of heroism and sacrifice...and the spice of sweet romance.
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