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Book description
In Beard on Food, one of Americas great culinary thinkers and teachers collects his best essays, ranging from the perfect hamburger to the pleasures of oxtails, from salad dressing to Sauce Diable. The result is not just a compendium of fabulous recipes and delicious bites of writing. Its a philosophy of food-unfussy, wide-ranging, erudite, and propelled by Beards exuberance and sense of fun. In a series of short, charming essays, with recipes printed in a contrasting color (as they were in the beloved original edition), Beard follows his many enthusiasms, demonstrating how to make everyday foods into delicious meals. Covering meats, vegetables, fish, herbs, and kitchen tools, Beard on Food is both an invaluable reference for cooks and a delightful read for armchair enthusiasts. (For more information, visit the James Beard Foundation at www.jamesbeard.org.) Praise for James Beard:In matters of the palate James Beard is absolutely to be trusted...He is always on target.-Chicago TribuneJames Beard has done more than anybody else to popularize good food in America.-New York TimesBeard was an innovator, an experimenter, a missionary in bringing the gospel of good cooking to the home table.-Craig ClaiborneToo much of James Beard can never be enough for me.-Gael Greene
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