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John Bunyan confessed himself to have been one of the worst sinners to have ever walked Gods earth. After his conversion to Jesus Christ, he was constantly amazed by the fact that the God of infinite grace should have saved him from his sin. As a minister of the gospel, he loved to proclaim the grace of God to sinners and earnestly persuaded his hearers to embrace by faith the Lord Jesus Christ in whom is found the free pardon of all our sins.Published by Bunyan in the year of his death (1688), this little book brings together the fruit of his thinking on the grace of forgiveness. With the warmth and fervency of spirit of a true evangelist, he beautifully unfolds the riches of Gods grace and mercy to the greatest of sinners. Here, as the subtitle of the book says, is Good News for the Vilest of Men! I have been vile myself, but have obtained mercy; and I would have my companions in sin partake of mercy too: and, therefore, I have writ this little book. John Bunyan
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