where can I download Amish Horse Whisperer (A Lancaster County Courtship Romance) by Abigail Fisher acquire eng value book ios

Book description
AN ABIGAIL FISHER AMISH ROMANCE SHORT STORY Part of the LANCASTER COUNTY COURTSHIP ROMANCE Collection AMISH HORSE WHISPERER When Rachel discovers her autistic sister, Tabitha, has a miraculous gift with horses she never imagined how it would change her own life. But when Uriah requests Tabitha’s help in training his horse Bertha to pull a plow on his father’s farm, Rachel gets more than she bargained for. The connection between Rachel and Uriah is undeniable, but when his father mistreats a horse and Tabitha throws an epic fit, she and Rachel are thrown off the property, and Uriah is forbidden to see Rachel again. Feeling protective of her sister and betrayed by Uriah, Rachel wonders how they will ever overcome their families’ animosity and predjudice in order to be together. Is Gottes Wille for them or against them? Can Love find a way? Find out now in Abigail Fisher’s latest Short Romance: AMISH HORSE WHISPERER
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