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They say you can take the girl out the hood but taking the hood out the girl is another story. Amonah Mo Castilo is twenty-seven years old and on the road to success. Being left alone at the young age of eleven in Chicago’s ruthless streets, she has no family to turn to. Not knowing where to turn, she must do any and everything imaginable to survive and keep her head above water. Meeting Cashmere at just sixteen, her life starts to change for the better. That is until the small green monster jealousy arrives, and takes her life for a detour. Will Amonah stay focused and continue her life’s dream or will the hood forever have a leash on her? Follow Monah through her journey of life as she deals with trust, disloyalty and most of all love. You’ll see firsthand just what its like to live The Life of a Real Bitch.
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