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Klingons and Cardassians rule the Alpha Quadrant in an uneasy alliance that hides a vipers nest of backstabbing plots and counterplots. Annika Hansen has become a trained operative for the Obsidian Order. Her latest target: Kira Nerys, the duplicitous Intendant of Bajor, whose ruthless ambition has brought her to a position of power second only to the Regent himself, the fierce Klingon warrior known as Worf. To get close to her prey, Annika must worm her way into the Intendants notoriously fickle affections. Easy enough to accomplish, perhaps, but it remains to be seen who is truly manipulating whom....
Dark Passions: Book 1 of 2 (Star Trek) by Susan Wright (Goodreads Author) review link english torrent book

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