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This Commemorative Stadium Edition of The Greatest Team Ever celebrates Texas Stadium with a special section of photographs and essays.The Dallas Cowboys unveiled the NFLs newest and finest stadium in the autumn of 1971. With its distinctive outer ring of giant concrete buttresses and trademark hole in the roof so that God could watch his team play, Dallas fans rightly had something to be proud of. Texas Stadiums been home to five Super Bowl winning teams, a feat no other venue since the AFL-NFL merger can boast. Now, after thirty-seven amazing seasons, this beloved stadium will fall silent after the last game on December 20, 2008. In this Texas Stadium commemorative edition of The Greatest Team Ever, complete with a 16-page special section honoring the Cowboys longtime home, fans will have a special keepsake to remember those glorious years.
Greatest Team Ever: Texas Stadium: The Dallas Cowboys Dynasty of the 1990s by Ron St. Angelo buy english free german look

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