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The birth of the Christian Church, and what it means for modern religion and philosophy.This engaging guide presents an accessible overview of the birth of the Christian church, using the historical works found at the famous Nag Hammadi site in Egypt. With chapters discussing each of the major and minor documents found at Nag Hammadi, this volume also includes an overview of Gnosticism and the major players, revealing not only what the texts say, but also what they mean.-Renewed interest in Gnosticism and the Gnostic gospels is driven by interest in the Nag Hammadi documents, The DaVinci Code, the Matrix movies, the Kabbalah, renewed interest in the divine feminine ideal, and the fact that many whove left the Church are looking for new answers in the early church-Author is a scholar and expert whos studied with some of the top people in the field
The Complete Idiots Guide to the Gnostic Gospels by J. Michael Matkin eng original free access value

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