TOP Zagat New York City Food Lovers Guide by Carol Diuguid (Editor) fb2 ibooks iphone

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I find the Zagat guides wonderfully reliable. The people have spoken! I have an extra copy of the 2009 edition. Shops dont open and close as quickly as restaurants do. Even for the most current editions, any information should be double-checked online or by calling. Contains a Manhattan subway map and fold-out walking map.NYC Sources Indexes:Special Features - Where to find the best.. Bagels & Bialys, Baked Goods, Beer Specialists, Bread, Cakes & Cupcakes, Candy & Nuts, Carriage Trade, Caterers, Caviar & Smoked Fish, Charcuterie, Cheese & Dairy, Classes, Coffee & Tea, etc!Ethnic Focus - American, Argentinean, Asian, Australian, Belgian, etc.Locations - shops in different neighborhoods.Mail Order
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