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Not sure what makes this official but i guess it sounds good! This consists of short capsule type reviews of gore movies. While it is obviously well out of date, it ticks most of the boxes on movies up to the late 80s. Obviously there will always be disagreements on what is a good gore movie as one mans poison is anothers blood soaked extravaganza. Heres a couple of my bugbears: Fulcis The Beyond is reviewed but there is no mention of the excellent gore FX. Evil Dead 2 rated as superior to Numero uno - technically yes but for splatter the original wins hands down, jeez, the second is a comedy not a horror film!! And finally The Thing is pretty much dismissed apart from the FX (which in fairness are highly praised). Back in 89 the internet was not an option to check out how good or otherwise a film was so getting a book with so many reviews crammed in was a godsend for splatter fans. So even though i do not agree with all the reviews, this is still a worthwhile addition to any gore fans library.
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