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Book description
A brutal attack along the banks of the Seine in 1928 leaves a young Englishwoman close to death in a Paris hospital, without a memory in her head. She soon comes up against a vengeful husband who accuses her of the theft of priceless art, the French gendarmes who have linked her to a murder on the Riviera, and a scorned lover who is trying to kill her. The husband, believing his wife’s amnesia is faked, spirits her away to an ancient chateau in the French province of Champagne, where prehistoric dolmens and standing stones dot the fields and caves hewn out of limestone are used for more than storing wine. But who is trying to poison her and bury her in an avalanche of slate? Who is laying a trap for her deep within the wine caves of Champagne?Historical Novel Society, Aug. 1, 2016: Mileys ability to convey the beautiful yet menacing atmosphere of Champagne is remarkable, and her sense of pacing keeps STOLEN MEMORIES gripping throughout, especially in the climactic chapters when a series of shocking revelations upends the whole story. Very satisfying.
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