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Book description
‘Soon they were openly fondling each other and the moment had arrived to stumble back into the main hall. The time had arrived to seal their satanic pact. Emily had vanished from the altar and Rage was seated on the ornate throne flanked by his priests. Rage spoke loudly to silence the drunken babble. “Meslet! Meslet!” he roared. “Mingle! Mingle! Let there be no regard for kin, colour, age, or gender. Meslet!” The priests advanced on the hesitant disciples, discarding their robes as they walked to join the naked throng. They were followed into the crush of nude bodies by their High Priestess. And it was Taran herself who began the erotic dancing, leading the sensual dance and always moving to the left. Patrick and Hector took the whips from the side table and started to edge through the throng, lashing out at random and driving the sweaty dancers into wild exertions. The dancers drove themselves to greater heights and the excitement spiralled out of control. There was only one possible extension to their boiling passion. A frenzy of sexual madness began...’ A high ceremony had been called by Magus Santar, the leader of the satanic cult and owner of ‘Stables’ – the exclusive club where stunning host and hostesses seduced and corrupted politicians and key members of the British establishment. Tia and Michael were the beautiful twins of satanic birth that held the key to this great corruption. Their sole aim was to bring Britain’s surrender to a German dominated European Union. After two failed world wars, Germany would not be denied a third time. Magus Santar and his followers would turn Europe into a fortress to spread terror across the globe until Satan regained the earth and was once again the Lord of this World.
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