For my participation to this year Brussels International Kino Kabaret, I came up with a short film backed up with a great soundtrack by my Berlin-based friend "The Human Elephant" aka John Edward Donald.

This strange short film / music video based on a circular frame was shot on two roll of Kodak 16mm Vision3 500T (7219). It was shot, edited and first projected in a total of 72h at the 4th session of the 10th Brussels International Kino Kabaret.

You can also read a small article in wich i discuss the processus that led to this project :

"The Human Elephant - Fishing for Souls" will be available soon on UMOR REX records :

A few pictures & video from the set.

Some photos took on the set with a Fujifilm X10
What the movie looks like without the circular frame.
Aaton Xtera and Kodak Vision3 500T: It is so nice to shoot film, i wish i could do it more often !!
Emile Falk and a red Chimera.
Chloe De Grom in the video monitor.
Developed rushes !

Always give credits where it is due !!

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Emile Falk
Chloé De Grom

Direction & Photography - Corentin Kopp
Assistant Director - Louise Dubois
Scenography - Cécile Balate
Assistant Camera - Benjamin Colleye
Electrician / Grip - Takeiki Flon
Electrician / Grip - Juan Fontes Salinas
Make up - Marie Davin
Editing - Adrien Kaempf

Geraldine Denis, Colas Besnard, Pierre Choqueux, Takeiki Flon, Geraldo Haag, All the staff and partners at Kino Kabaret intl Brussels.
Olivier Tordeur (
Olivier de Laveleye, Marie-Pierre Franckx, Jacques Decort, Pierre Wuidast.
Perrine Wens (
Angélique Marquise des Anges.
Catherine Israel (
Jurgen Augusteyns, Tom Berghman (
Boris Wilmot
L'enfer de Clouzot.
Julien Drapier, Bernard Gavillan, Marie Déhé, C'est Chic.
Philippe Kopp, Kathy Vanderlinden, Henri Vanderlinden, Andrée Miné