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Im not suited for solo missions, I say over the com. Sure you are, I hear Morgan say, you can handle anything. He can, I hear most of the zoo kids agree. Man, remember the time he caught the kitchen on fire? He didnt even break a sweat! Which time? Morgan asks, laughing. Relax, Vinny, you can do this with your eyes closed. Youll be back home with us before you know it, I promise. Why do they have so much faith in me? I look in the bathroom mirror, seeing a punk with glowing earrings looking back at me. I’m surprised Jack didn’t convince me to pierce more than just my ears, honestly. He’s way too happy with a piercing needle for my tastes. “There’s one thing Century didn’t mention,” I say almost silently. “I’m here to prove that Cape High is actually teaching the students enough to send the South Branch kids to it.” “Interesting,” Nico says. “Well it doesn’t matter to me, I only took this job because it’s part of my probation. If there are less kids involved there’s less work for me.” I choke, shocked, and then burst into laughter at that reply. “Aw, man, that’s good to know,” I admit. “I was feeling a bit of pressure there.”
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