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Book description
The Golden Boys by Cameron Stauth was the greatest sports book I ever read. “ Your dealing the baddest explicit in the Nba” . This quote was said by Charles barkley it referred to him going up with a college basketball player Christian Laettner in practice. Christian Laettner was a college basketball athlete that made the team because of the NBA players did not won’t to join the roster. Since it was team USA’S first year in the competition the NBA players did not join because they feared injuries. Every player in the team had a chapter in the book dedicated to them, it included there key moments during the olympics or any other piece of important information. My favorite chapter was about Magic Johnson. In his chapter it talked about the olympics being his last professional event because of Hiv and Aids. In his chapter it talks about the stage being set for Magic Johnson to take over the tournament and go out as champion. The chapter also mentioned Larry Bird his rival and friend helping him make the choice to join team USA. Another interesting chapter was Michael Jordan’s chapter he talked about how he would purposely play extra hard defense against Tony Cucoach, the reason he did that was because there was some supposed beef between him and Michael Jordan. At practice all the members of the dream team would pretend they were in a actual game instead of practice according to the book. According to coach Chuck Daly he told reporters that it was in there nature to be aggressive at practice since they were competitors at birth according to the book. I would recommend this book to people who like basketball or olympic history. The whole book has pages of references to practices,games and personnel thoughts from the dream team. I’m not gonna lie I was really amazed at everything I learned about the dream team, everything I knew was blown to pieces
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