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“There are three parts to the Irish psyche: the conscious, the subconscious, and the bit that does things for the craic.”This is an hilarious book! Its wittily and entertainingly written and it shows next to its sometimes black humor a fondness of the country (Ireland) it is about. Jokes on the Irish and cultural specialties arent cruel or mean but really funny.“The Irish bottle up their grievances and when they have enough saved up they either go mad or they write a book.”“They regard things like traffic lights, speed limits, and one-way-street signs as having an advisory role, rather than anything more binding, in the regulation of their affairs.”A reoccurring theme (or problem) is that of the (more or less confusing) road signs, and of course language differences from Irish, Irish English, and English English get discussed too.It is a book that gives you a bit of insight to peculiarities and differences of the Irish and a bit about the historical and political background, e.g.:“The modern Irish tricolour is a graphic attempt to combine the traditions of green and orange with the white of peace between them.”Nice guide to read before heading off for a visit, or coming back from one, or just being interested in the country. 5 of 5 shamrocks!
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