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For newly hired young engineers assigned to their first real project, there has been little to offer in the way of advice on where to begin, what to look out for and avoid, and how to get the job done right. This book gives this advice from an author with long experience as senior engineer in government and industry (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Exxon-Mobil).Beginning with guidance on understanding the typical organizational structure of any type of technical firm or company, author Plummer incorporates numerous hands-on examples and provides help on getting started with a project team, understanding key roles, and avoiding common pitfalls. In addition, he offers unique help on first-time experiences of working in other countries with engineering cultures that can be considerably different from the US.Reviews essentials of management for any new engineer suddenly thrust into responsibilityEmphasizes skills that can get you promoted-and pitfalls that can get you firedExpanded case study to show typical evolution of a new engineer handed responsibility for a major design project
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