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Book description
Whatever You Do, Dont Run is a hilarious collection of true tales from top ­safari guide Peter Allison. In a place where the wrong behavior could get you eaten, Allison has survived face-to-face encounters with big cats, angry ­elephants, and the worlds most unpredictable animals-herds of untamed tourists and foolhardy guides whose outrageous antics sometimes make them even more dangerous than a pride of hungry lions!Join Allison as he faces down charging lions-twice; searches for a drunk, half-naked tourist who happens to be a member of the British royal family; drives a Land Rover full of tourists into a lagoon full of hippos; and adopts the most ­vicious animal in Africa as his “pet.†Full of lively humor and a genuine love and respect for Botswana and its rich wildlife, Whatever You Do, Dont Run takes you to where the wild things are and introduces you to a place where every day is a new adventure!
Whatever You Do, Dont Run: True Tales Of A Botswana Safari Guide by Peter Allison pocket read italian tablet cheap

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