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Book description
A magically photographed collection of cottages, rustic cabins, tree houses, and huts by the sea, with advice and ideas for decorating a small space of your own.Is there anyone who doesnt dream of having a cozy getaway spot within earshot of the surf, high on a hill, deep in the woods, nestled in a suburban garden, or even up a tree? In Little Retreats, Jane Tilbury invites us into a variety of havens that are just big enough to offer a soothing retreat from the weekday world.Little Retreats takes us on a magical tour of 100 wonderful architectural idylls in the United States and Europe, showing both interiors and exteriors. It is filled with tips on maximizing a small space, while also making it comfortable and inviting. For example, even in the most primitive cabin, the addition of sumptuous fabrics or delicate embroidery can create a welcoming space.As more people invest in second dwellings and country retreats, they need practical ideas for decorating. Little Retreats offers ideas for creating a second home that is both cozy and calming. In the tradition of The Not So Big House and Chris Maddens Getaways, Little Retreats lets us visit an imaginative group of hideaways that are within the reach of every dreamer.
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