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A strange and macabre Gothic tale, THE CURSE OF THE MONTROLFES is also a story of passion and love between the unlikeliest of lovers. Set in England, the story travels between the past and present, tantalizing and exciting ones curiosity.John Montrolfe comes to England to clain his inheritance and take up residence in his ancestral mansion, Montrolfe Hall. Haunted dreams take him on an unexpected journey in to the world of rogues, villians and thieves. It is in his dreams that he meetes a beautiful young girl named Catherine Barton and the enigmatic and handsome Max Fabian. Thus he begins to experience the meaning and the horrors of the Montrolfe curse.Rohan OGrady has written a rich and strange tale and tells it with skillful narrative power and poetic relish. Edward Goreys early drawings superbly capture Ms. OGradys love of the melodromatic, romantic and macabre. Here is the story telling in the great tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Allan Poe.(Original Title = Pippins Journal : Or, Rosemary Is for Remembrance)
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