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In the near future, there will only be corporations, comfort, conformity & Rollerball. In the very near future, they will produce a war every week during prime time & televise it to the rest of the world. They will call it Rollerball. Within the eye of Jonathan E., the worlds most gifted athlete performer, you can see the murderous game which has replaced war. Eighty thousand people are watching from the stands, two billion more are following the game on multivision. Its violence for all, by proxy. The winners survive & receive all the best the world can offer. Lucky losers are only maimed. Unlucky losers die!Preface • (1974) • essay The Warrior • (1971) • story The Hermit • (1968) • story Down the Blue Hole • (1973) • story Eating It • (1970) • story The Pinball Machines • (1967) • story Roller Ball Murder • (1973) • story The Blurb King • (1971) • story A Cooks Tale • (1966) • novelette The Arsons of Desire • (1972) • story The Good Ship Erasmus • (1971) • story Under the House • (1972) • storyNirvana, Götterdammerung & the Shot Put • (1972) • story Weatherman: A Theological Narrative • (1973) • story
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