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I hope anyone who likes action-thrillers will enjoy this. Its the first one in my series. You dont have to read them in order (though most people do, it seems).This one has been described by several reviewers as The Bourne Identity for kids and I think thats a lovely, flattering description. I started to write it while I was working as a musician and songwriter, but I read the first few Harry Potter books, then saw The Bourne Identity, then read Story by Robert McKee. This book is very much the product of those three things happening close together. It was impossible NOT to come up with Jimmy Coates!Im a very impatient reader, so I always need a story to grab me by the throat on the first page and not let me go. That doesnt necessarily mean action, by the way (though of course, this is an ACTION-thriller, so theres plenty of action in it), but for me its more important to have engaging characters, challenging situations and dilemmas. (A lot of my philosophy degree goes into writing these books - though I think youll only notice that if youre looking for it.)Fans of Alex Rider, James Bond and Jason Bourne will hopefully get right into Jimmy Coates, but I also hope that theres something deeper in these books for a wider audience... something to keep you thinking about the character and his problems long after youve finished reading.Have fun with the series and let me know what you think. :)
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