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ISBN: 140271081XIf you love words, you have hours of stimulating, bewildering, and complex challenges here to look forward to. Your payoff will come when you solve a variety of the most demanding crosswords and thought-provoking cryptograms—communications in code, using a scrambles alphabet that substitutes one letter for another. Start with crosswords that have clues about geography, history, people, and culture. find synonyms, abbreviations, definitions, and more.Feed your mind and soul with cryptic sayings from the worlds greatest thinkers, writers, and philosophers.Try cryptic crosswords where every clue appears to make sense on the surface, but when you look closer it doesnt seem to make much sense at all, and you have another layer of challenges.Break baffling codes to figure out literary and celebrity quotations inside cryptograms. Once youve unraveled the mystery, youll know director Cecil B. Demilles thoughts on filmmaking and food writer James Beards sly comments on cannibalism.Intrigued? Of course you are!
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