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Shelby Marx helps clients find on-line love by day, but at night she writes children’s books featuring a naughty monkey named Chester. The monkey constantly seeks forgiveness, just as Shelby struggles to forgive herself for a tragic childhood accident that stole everyone she loved. Now she yearns to create a new family. Unfortunately, the man she has targeted to move to Happily-Ever-After with thinks of her as a little sister. But Shelby has a plan. Business guru, Nick Caldwell, wants nothing to do with forever after’s and white picket fences, but in order to save his sister’s floundering matchmaking business, he goes undercover to spy on her biggest competitor. While posing as the world’s most difficult client to obtain Shelby’s matchmaking secrets, Nick accidentally falls hard for Shelby. But she has another man in her long-term plans. Can he borrow a trick or two from mischievous Chester to win Shelby’s heart?
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