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Book description
Bad Friends is an absorbing suspense novel that will keep you wondering what might happen up until the very last few pages.The plot is about a 30-year-old TV producer Maggie Warren is involved in a tragic coach crash,However, the crash affected her memory and she only has flimsy flashbacks of what happened before the accident. She also cannot recall why she split up with the love of her life, Alex, nor the reason why her boss is blackmailing her,and yet a young woman called Fay turns up claiming that Maggie saved her life,which she doesnt recognise at all.Things started to go wrong for Maggie when she starts getting anonymous phone calls and texts, her personal things go missing, grafitti is sprayed all over her flat and she keep receiving bouquets of lilies – with messages of condolences.When I started reading this book, the plot felt a little too busy and complex, but on reflection, all of the strands were necessary in order to build the tension. The pace and suspense build well so that by the end you are well and truly hooked. ;)What I did like about this book was the growth of Maggie, from someone I really disliked to someone I could feel empathy for.I went from thinking she was a skin-deep,self-absorbed and completely bored ,to really thinking she had had a rough ride and rooting for her. Bad Friends is a pretty easy-peasy read. At just under 400 pages.so read it and enjoy ......happy reading
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