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Book description
Based on the kinetic sculptures of Lisa Snellings, STRANGEATTRACTION is a carnival ride of dark fantasy and horror. These 24 tales andpoems explore the night-side of the looming Ferris wheel and its manyinhabitants. But things arent always what they seem on this ride andsurprises await all who stand in line, waiting to experience the wheel forthemselves. The ride is open. Admit one. Original fiction by: MichaelBishop, Ray Bradbury, Edward Bryant, Richard Lee Byers, Nancy A. Collins,Peter Crowther, Jack Dann, James S. Dorr, Neil Gaiman, Nina Kiriki Hoffman,Alexandra Honigsberg, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Brad Linaweaver, Charles de Lint,Jason Miller, Fred Olen Ray, Robert J. Sawyer, Darrell Schweitzer, JohnShirley, Lisa Snellings, S.P. Somtow, Janeen Webb, Chet Williamson, DavidNiall Wilson, Gene Wolfe. Introduction by Harlan Ellison.
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