How I met my thief

About three months ago, I was at the cinema. After the film, I realized my smartphone had disappeared. After a long search, I gave up and went back home to quickly change all my passwords.
A few days later, I got a notification about new files added to my Dropbox...
Cute, I love cats, but wait... I don't know this one.

OK, seems like my thief is not so smart.

So, these photos have been taken with my own phone, and sent on my own Dropbox... I have to share some of it! And I'm still nice, I've hid the eyes on each photo.
Ah, duck faces...

"Me, myself and I"

Then her boyfriend started taking pictures of himself too... A lot.

"But maybe she didn't stole your phone!"

Yes, she did. Maybe she found it at first, but she kept it. She could just bring my phone to the cinema staff. But actually, it even seems she was working at the cinema that night...
And secondly, this young woman had many ways to contact me. She also had my name and firstname, my email address, an access to all my contacts. Instead, she merely disable some geolocation options and keep my phone.


She did one more stupid thing, so I was able to found her Facebook page. I met her, asked nicely about my phone, and she gave it back. I didn't explain anything about how I found her. She's still wondering what happened and I'm glad with this.