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Creation and Starting Outlook in Safe Mode

1. Introduction to Outlook Profile

In the email profile, you have the email accounts, information and the data
files. All this is given for storage of the email. Profiles in the
Microsoft Outlook resemble identities in Outlook Express. By the email
profile of Outlook, the Outlook remembers the used email accounts. With
this, it also keeps the record of the data storage. The important
information is the user name, display name, email server name and the
ISP account password.
Start up wizardFor the first time,
when you run Outlook, you take help from the start-up wizard for
generating new profile. As and when you start the Outlook, this profile
runs. There are people who have just a single profile but there also are
times when you realize the benefit of having more than one. You can use
one profile for the work mail and other profile for the personal mail.
If other people are using the same computer that is also being used by
you, the accounts as well as settings are kept in different profiles
having separate names.

2. How to Start Outlook in Safe Mode?

Safe mode is a start up operation mode. You can also find it for the Windows
system. This is for the execution of the operating system. You can get
this for the MS Outlook application as well as other office suite
applications. By the help of safe mode, the applications are
automatically recovered by the combat of errors. It could be the damage
in the registry settings and some add in issues.

When the Outlook  application is in safe mode, it can detect the problems. It will go to the depth of problem in order to find a solution.
What does it do?When
you open the MS Outlook application, it is opened in the safe mode. You
get the message from Outlook application. You tap Yes in case
interested to open application in safe mode. User gets the message if
there is a problem in last working session. When you start Outlook in
safe mode, additional add-ins are cut off.

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