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More baffling stories about disappearances, this time including some outside of North America. Here are just a couple of highlights:On May 17, 1951, 9 year old Roger Shaddinger disappeared while on a family fishing trip to Adler Creek in Truckee, CA. After a 28-hour search, a S&R volunteer found the boy (alive) -- Roger said he had been hiding from The People who he thought were going to hurt him. While some articles at the time implied the boy was hiding from searchers, this is a theme that has been mentioned in other cases when missing persons are found. Very peculiar.Linda Arteaga (age 53), who disappeared from a wooded area near St. Joe, AR, on September 22, 2012, while out walking with her brother, was missing for 5 days. When finally found, an article on her disappearance had this to say: She claims that she wasnt the only one out there. I would see people. Id ask for help and theyd act like they didnt even hear me, says Arteaga. She says she remembers them looking right at her and not saying a thing. These people were hiding in bushes. They were weird people, very weird, Arteaga says. I supposed she could have had some toxic ingestion that may have caused, a hallucinogen, in other words, but you know, shes been very consistent with that story, and today in her mental examination, she seems very oriented and appropriate in conversation, says Dr. John Sorg of North Arkansas Medical Center.I found this story particularly disturbing, especially after reading the two previous Missing 411 books -- it brought to mind the young woman who went missing while hiking the Appalachian Trail who claimed that she was hiding because men who meant her harm were chasing her.Perhaps these are all cases of people hallucinating after eating berries or mushrooms while lost? But perhaps there is something much stranger happening out in the woods than we are aware of . . .I would also like to address reviews of the authors other books that take him to task for his analysis of the facts in missing person cases -- one mentioned that it was obvious Mr. Paulides was not Search and Rescue personnel, based solely on his interpretation of common factors such as people being found partially or completely nude, or being without one or both shoes. Mr. Paulides mentions in this book that he was invited to speak at the North America Search and Rescue Association (NASAR) conference in South Lake Tahoe in June 2012 -- it seems unlikely to me that Search and Rescue personnel would be interested in hearing him speak if they disagreed with what he had written in his books and on his website, and it seems as though the reviewers making those statements have probably not actually read these books.Another thought provoking book in the Missing 411 series -- I have no theories on what is happening in these cases, but it makes for a very interesting read.
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