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Book description
NHL stars and legends reveal key moments of their careers.The greatest hockey players of all time share their most vivid memories of the game they love. These stories and anecdotes are essentially joyful, occasionally heart-breaking, and always heartfelt.Their reminiscences include:Dramatic overtime goals Record-breaking games Team camaraderie Devastating trades Career-ending injuries. Thrilling color photographs enhance the personal stories of players from such hockey legends as:Rocket Richard Gordie Howe Jean Beliveau Bobby Orr Wayne Gretzky. The book also includes the hottest players of today such as:Steve Yzerman Mario Lemieux Jeremy Roenick. Told in the players own words, these stories are infused with the same skill, spirit, character and determination that carried each of these men to the heights of the National Hockey League and made hockey one of the most popular sports in the world.As hockey attracts more fans of all ages, so will For the Love of Hockey.
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